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Last Mortem
Free to play Multiplayer FPS Game set up in the Cold War and other historical or fictional worldwide conflicts. Use legendary guns, run through the detailed environments of the war zones, and prepare for the epic gameplay!
stage: BETA Early Access
made by Juraj Husek Game Studio
themes: fps, multiplayer, shooter
multiplayer fps game
platforms: PC, Web
release date: Released
Pirate project
The completely new fan-made hobby pirate project made by 1 person is now in development. This upcoming game is going to be an open-world RPG sailing game where you can sail with your ship, choose the flag under which you want to sail, sink enemies, explore islands, find out mysteries, fight with legendary sea monsters!
stage: ALPHA
made by 1 person
themes: adventure, exploration
platforms: PC
release date: Unknown
Prvá pomoc jednoducho
The app containing animations and information about layman's first aid for selected injuries. Certified by real healthcare professional. Currently available only in Slovak, new updates coming soon.
stage: Early Access
made by 1 person
themes: android, first aid, healthcare
multi-platform app
platforms: Android, PC, Web
release date: Released
Space Fever
Space Fever is a strategic RTS Game where you build mines, banks, highways or space stations to earn as many coins as you can! Become the greatest Space Businessman right now in Space Fever! Made by Tetra-Games!
stage: Pre-ALPHA Early Access
made by Tetra-Games
themes: rts, space, tycoon
Tycoon RTS Game
platforms: PC
release date: Released
Project Space ship
Unfinished hobby project set up in the space environment!
stage: On hold
made by 1 person
themes: space, spaceship, flying
platforms: PC
release date: unknown
Slovakia Quiz
Small quiz game made as a first attempt to make Android app. 
stage: Released, v1 is available
made by 1 person
themes: maps, quiz, android
quiz game
platforms: Android 8.1 and higher
release date: released
Magazine - Rybka
The official magazine of Spojená Škola sv. Františka Assiského Malacky. I'm not the creator of the graphic layout but I add images, texts, and 2D elements the same as I completed the whole magazine numbers. Made in Indesign. 
Pixel Bomberman
Small 2D arcade game inspired by old legendary Atomic Bomberman game.
stage: Early pre-Alpha
made by 1 person
themes: 2d, arcade
2D arcade game
platforms: PC
release date: open pre-Alpha available
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