Huge thanks to

1. Contributors to game development:

peterking2000 - 3D Models

SWAT Odakyu- soundtracks

Nekiy2 - Icons and Logo

Tenso - 3D Models

Jack Senaviev - 3D Models

János István Papp - 3D Models

Raymond - M1 Garand 3D Model

2. Community managers:

♚₤€☨ ɠȇȠ.ȎɴɖᴚᴇЈ - Discord server

[ADM] B-rabit - Forum and Discord server 

3. Voice actors:

Severin Bouwhuis - English and German voices

CMETAHA10 - Russian voices and translation

Mirek - German and Czech voices

4. Donators:



Jack Senaviev

Matúš Dudy Dudáš

and to many other amazing people that support us and made this project possible!


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