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Last Action - progress made in summer 2018 and info

August 31, 2018

Hello all! We haven't made any new post for a while. So, I decided to make a post with information, what is new and what we achieved this summer.


1. Discord server

Our Discord server is growing very fast. In 2 months, we achieved 100+ members of our server! Big thanks to [ADM] ɠȇȠ.ȎɴɖᴚᴇЈ [♚₤€☨] who manage our server!

Why should you join our server? You will be able to see latest news from development, talk with developers, moderators, join our recruiting, give us feedback or suggestion and as a bonus, you will get special edition equipment in game (only for members of our server)!



2. YouTube

Finally, few YouTubers noticed our game, they made great videos, that help us to get more fans! Thank you!



The 6th of August was day of our BETA TEST. More than 60 people tried our game in stage, where it was. This event helped us to get feedback and list of bugs/errors/mistakes, that need to be fixed! Thanks for both positive/negative feedback, that help us to get game to better stage!


4. Leaving old concept of game and making new system

On the 16th of August, "RGS" made a video about bringing back game called RC2, which was our main source of inspiration. After this thing, which have big impact on whole development, we made new plans and concepts for Last Action. We hope, that you will like it!


5. IndieDB, GameJolt and our site

As you can see, we made our pages on IndieDb and GameJolt. These pages are used to keep all information about our development, so you are able to see, how is whole game changed. Our site got big update too, you can now access it searching http://jurajhusek.com/ and if you are searching for site of Last Action, use this http://lastaction.tk/ !

On official site of Last Action you can see list of latest events and new things, you can find there links to our social sites and Test Server. You can also find there list of Devs and MODS and Credits!




Thank you for reading this, see you soon!


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