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Last Action - Update 15 - BETA?

Hey community! First thing what I have to say is: THANK YOU WHOLE Red Crucible Community for supporting me and my project. Also, big thanks to many Discord channels that allows me post some screenshots and short information every day. Showing people my work is something like motivation. Thank you all other developers for good words and special thanks to all who gave me some suggestions. And now let's talk about Update 15.


Last post was about importing whole project to EZFPS system package. What I need to say is that this thing was never finished. Yes, we made decision to stay in old FPS system. And we did great decision. After few games, which I made in few days, I learned new things which helped us in latest changes. What is new and what was changed in last past weeks?



New models for guns - AK74, Assault, M16, ...

Fixed scope of SteyrHS / Talon

New HUD design

New Main Menu design

Kill notification system

Hitmaker system

MYSQL Database with email system and Bann functions (only for MODS)

New footstep system

New jump system

New animations for guns

Fixed Photon server system

Fixed Third Person Model

Fixed Sniper range

New map - Aircraft Carrier - Kiev

Fixed map - Leviathen

New Set Name system with Data saving

New environment models



Now talk about upcoming few weeks. Development and also sharing screenshots and new will be slower. I hope that in next month, development will get ready for faster experience!


Now talk about BETA release. Many people asked me about release date or playable DEMO version. All time I say that BETA will be playable in summer. How can you imagine BETA in summer? Will it be fully playable? What if no players will be online?

1. BETA release will come with playable version of game - NOT FINISHED, it will be only prototype. Why are we giving you BETA version of game? Because it is best way how to test servers, fix and find bugs and glitches, test MODS and also see, if is game funny.

2. BETA will be fully playable few days. More information will come in June / July. Actual plan is let you play game max 7 days. We will see how good it will be.

3. WHAT IF NO ONE WILL BE ONLINE? This is the biggest issue and problem which can let us to close BETA in early date. There will be Singleplayer version too but we can't risk losing players and letting game empty. Maybe we will make some decisions about this later. Plan is to let some Youtubers play Last Action also Red Crucible players can't wait for it. We will see how successful will we be!


Stay updated! Follow us on YouTube and also join our Discord server (links are in Community)!

Have great time!


MOD Star Wars



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