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Last Action Update 11 and new info

Welcome! After a long time I decided to make new post for you! So, in last post we were in Update 8, now we are in Update 11. Many things were changed and made better! There are mayor changes:

1, New Inventory/Store system - No collecting and buying any guns and items in game, no hacking our game store, there is new way how to get new weapon/item - CODE system! Yes, place where players will be able to get new equipment is this website! I made simple store system without any payments. Registered players (on my website) will get more codes for more equipment! In future, payments for more limited equipment will come.

2, Graphic and game design - Finally, maps looks better - new textures, models (made by me in SketchUp, Wings3D and Blender) and placeholders, new terrain design, fog, rain particles, water quality, skyboxes and many more!

3, Main Menu - this first and main scene is now more funny, included more informations about current version, engine, network and more. Also include some codes for free to use guns for all players, update logs, links to website, forum and many more!

4, Player movement, sounds - Players now have character with fully working running system with sounds, also Third Person has better animations and soldier model!

5, HUD, MINIMAP - new HUD which help you in actions and unique 3D Minimap which help you in terrain!

6, Guns models and sounds - new models for many guns, also sounds were replaced!

7, Website support - this website and game is now fully working together!

8, Support on IndieDB, and GameJolt - these free sites for post indie games are now supporting project! In future, on all of these sites will be released Last Action!


Stay updated! Beta Test will come in summer 2018! Now, Last Action is in closed Alpha stage of development! 



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