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Last Action Update 8 Informations

After a month, Last Action Alpha was totaly remade and now it looks better and better. Development is not fast like in summer because I have school, however, new update is very good and looks more like professional FPS game.


What is new?

New CHAT system

New Lobby CHAT system

New Main Menu design

New Inventory Menu design

New Inventory System

New gun sounds

New gun animations

New gun settings

New Hitmaker System

New Radar System

New Graphic

New looking of all maps


What was removed?

Old Inventory system with gun pickups

Old Radar System

Old looking of all maps


What will come and is in development?

New map - Trace

Tank System




And many more!


Also, new game - Last Action Offline (sneak peak of future Beta multiplayer version) will be published soon! Stay updated!

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