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Last Action New Update!

After long time new update is here! What new you can find in upcoming game? New Inventory system: you can create account or join it as Guest, after it you can change soldier (red team and blue team) and guns! New Chat system: you can join public Chat in Inventory! 20 players can now use chat in same time! New map Airport: map Base Battle was removed and new large Airport map is here! You can join Team Capture or Deathmatch game mode! New map Grimrog: new map inspired by Grimrog map from Red Crucible 2! You can find in village on shore of sea or hide in rocks on hills! You can join only Team Capture game mode! New Credits, Terms of Services, Website a Contact, Report Player buttons in Inventory! If you want read Terms of Services before game will be launched, you can find it in front of this post! Also if you want read Credits, put cursor on "Last Action Alpha" button top of this site and click "Credits". And you can look how will work Report Player in my "Last Action Forum" top of this site! Vehicles are still in bugged version! Maybe in next update, they can be ready for gameplay!













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