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Last Action new game mode!

After week of programing I made new game mode - Team Capture (Territorries)! There are 2 teams (red and blue) which are capturing points and defending them. Game will be 10 minutes long, team with more captured points will win. In one match can be 12 players = 6 players in 1 team. For this game mode will be new map and to other maps will be added Team Capture too. Don't worry Deathmatch game mode (Free for all) will stay in every map but you will be able to choose between Deathmatch and Team Capture! I hope you will like it! And Alpha Test v2 will be in late September or October! Vehicle game mode is not finished yet and it has many bugs for now. And yes, to Last Action you will be able to find new Database Controll - you will be able to create your own account for playing or you will be able to play as "Quest". Players that will be registered will get special presents and guns so please create account if you want play with more special things! Also chat is in progress. For enter chat you must enter display name! Many more will be released soon!

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